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    1. 蘇州敬業醫藥化工有限公司

      Suzhou Jingye Medicine & Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Pharmaceutical raw materials
      Advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, CDMO services

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      Jingye Medicine & Chemical

      Commercial production scale and process optimization

      With more than 20 years of commercial production and optimization experience, we are fully able to transform your project from pilot to pilot to commercial production.

      Long-term cost reduction and process optimization

      While building a sustainable supply chain, we also have a continuous improvement plan to bring long-term cost reduction and process optimization.

      Rapid, efficient and appropriate route and process development

      In the early development stage, time is crucial. We are committed to providing fast and effective turnaround time for our customers to reduce your costs and time.

      R&D & Pilot test

      Compliance with GMP, EHS standards and quality assurance
      The capacity of 18 reactors ranges from 50L to 2000L
      Reaction pressure from 0-12Mpa
      Temperature from - 100C to 2500C

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