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    1. 蘇州敬業醫藥化工有限公司

      Suzhou Jingye Medicine & Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Pharmaceutical raw materials
      Advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, CDMO services

      ■  中文版
      ■  English

      Core technology

      Jingye Medicine & Chemical

      Preponderant response

      ●  Hydrogenation reaction
      ●  Dehydrogenation reaction
      ●  Alkylation reaction
      ●  Oxidation reaction
      ●  Condensation reaction

      Asymmetric synthesis

      Chiral catalysts, ligands and promoters are widely used in asymmetric synthesis to reduce production costs and improve reaction efficiency.

      Green chemistry

      ●  Enzyme catalysis
      ●  Continuous flow
      ●  Other cutting-edge technologies

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