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    1. 蘇州敬業醫藥化工有限公司

      Suzhou Jingye Medicine & Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Pharmaceutical raw materials
      Advanced pharmaceutical intermediates, CDMO services

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      Talent strategy

      Jingye Medicine & Chemical

      Talent is the soul of an enterprise. The company regards talent as its greatest wealth, and always regards talent as the foundation of entrepreneurship, competition and development of the enterprise. The company provides employees with a broad stage to display their talents and a broad space to display their talents, so as to discover, cultivate, respect and develop talents.

      The company advocates the talent management concept of "horse racing does not match horse racing", "giving the right platform, everyone can become a talent", adheres to the guiding principle of "talent first, people-oriented", creates a strong atmosphere of talent love, talent use, talent appointment, and talent use, and promotes a good development platform and growth space for talent.

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